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Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 19:00

49 . Tanya. Zolkiew, 1798. Second Edition Printed in the Author's Lifetime

The Book of the Tanya, which is the book Likutei Amarim, by [Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi]. Zolkiew, in the printing press of Mordechai Rabin Stein. 1798. Second edition of the book of the Tanya and the first edition of the third section of the book of the Tanya. A copy with variations on the known copies. 

 .Specifications: [3] 2-74 leaves, 17 cm. Y. Mondshine, Sefer HaTanya Mahadurotav Tirgumav U'Biyurav 2. Sha'arei Chabad 48

Background: The edition before us is the first to include the third section. The book was printed in the author's lifetime. As is written on the title page: And we added depth to it from the G-dly sage, the author, which is to examine the essence of repentance. This is the third section which was not in the first ones printed in Slavita...with special approbations given to this edition. The words of the activist Yaakov son of Naftali Hirtz of Brody are at the end of the book. 

The first edition in which the book was called Sefer HaTanya, is how it has been referred to ever since. The early edition before us was printed without the author's name, and even the writers of the approbations do not hint to the author's identity, despite apparently knowing who he was. As appears in one of the approbations 'and due to his great humility, the author's name is unknown'. For more on this and on the name 'Tanya' refer at length to Y. Mondshine's book Sefer HaTanya Mahadurotav Tirgumav U'Biyurav pages 36-43.

Unique Features: The order of the lines at the end of part three [page 73a] is different than in the known copies and than what is listed in Y. Mondshine's book, refer to the facsimile there on page 39. 

On page 67a at the end of part two is written: The activist says hamaon (!) the author had a precious gem, a booklet in manuscript form... and it should say "MeHaGaon". Refer also to Mondshine's book (page 39 and footnote 11) that there are copies in which the word "Hamagaon" appears. He refers to a copy owned by Haberman (Sha'arei Chabad 48) which he writes 'Hamaon' which surprises him. However, in the copy before us the word 'Hamaon' indeed appears. 

Condition: Fine-very fine. The book underwent professional restoration, primarily on the corners of the leaves. Stains. Magnificent leather binding. 



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