Auction No. 102

Holy books, Chassidut, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors' letters, Eretz Yisrael & Zionism, Americana, Judiaca & Prof. Albert Einstein

October 24, 2017
Opening $ 800
Estimate $ 1,000 - $ 1,200
Sold for $ 1,037
Including buyer's premium

Romemot El, Tehillim with a commentary by Rabbi Moshe Alshich. Venice, in the printing press of Giovanni di Gara, 1605. First edition.

Specifications: 310 leaves, 19.5 cm. Haberman-Yudelov, HaMadpis Giovanni di Gara 238.

Background: The first edition of Rabbi Moshe Alshich's important commentary on Tehillim. Rabbi Moshe Alshich was one of the foremost sages of Safed during the city's golden age, also known as the Alshich HaKadosh. The author died several years before the book was printed, and his son Rabbi Chaim Alshich brought the book to print. The son writes in the introduction that an unedited manuscript of part of the commentary on Tehillim was stolen from his house, and printed without permission.

Unique Features: An ancient book of Tehillim with the first edition of the important commentary. Ownership signatures on the title page.

Condition: Fine. The title page and first leaves were restored in the margins. Worming holes.

Siddurim, Machzorim & Tehillim