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January 21, 2019
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"Thank-you greeting from R' Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn shlit"a - I hereby express my heartfelt feelings of appreciation for the donation to increase Torah and glorify it ..." Rare leaf, colored lithograph - M. Bennoon press, Chicago, c. 1940s.

A picture of the Admor the RaYa"Tz at the top of the leaf, with two sections of a map of the world. On left and right there are pictures of pogroms against Jews in a synagogue and in city streets, on the bottom there is an illustration of students in a yeshivah with the [Hebrew] text "Tomchei Temimim," along with a picture of a line of Jews leaving a ship and the [Hebrew] text "Pidyon Shvuim." Includes text "You've acquired Torah, what do you lack?"

The illustrations seem to indicate that this thank-you letter was printed during the terrible Holocaust or immediately afterward, and the pogroms allude to the bitter lot of European Jewry. The illustration of the rescue refers to the survivors and the aid needed for their rehabilitation. This certificate was given to a donor couple, and their details have been filled in by hand.

Rare leaf, not included in the National Library's ephemera collection.

Size: 24x31 cm. Light marginal tears, fine condition.