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January 21, 2019
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Avis aux Israelites - Notification for Jews. Leaflet on behalf of the authorities in France turning to the Jews with the demand they report to the building of the municipality soon, before the October 2nd deadline, for the purpose of completing the registration of their personal details, in a leaflet threatening that if they don't come on time, the Jews will be punished with "the most severe punishment." France 1940.

France was conquered by Nazi forces in June, 1940. It was divided into the German occupied territory in the north and the west; and an ostensibly independent state in the south, called Vichy France, due to the fact that its government sat in the free city of Vichy. The new French state, headed by Henri Philippe Pétain, established a regime of cooperation with the Nazis, and maintained a passive and submissive policy, including cooperation with the extermination of its Jews.

Size: 22x30 cm. Very fine condition.

אנטישמיות, שואה, ושארית הפליטה