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January 21, 2019
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Three interesting letters from the gaon Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Charlop.

* Letter handwritten and signed by Rabbi Charlop to Shimon Elazar Yudelevitz, 1935. The letter was written after the passing of Tzvi Hirsch Weissfish, whom he called "my beloved friend from youth." It requests that he obtain support from the residents of Zichron Moshe for opening a store for the deceased's widow so that she can earn an honorable livelihood. "To the extent of my heart's sorrow, I cannot express the greatness of the mitzvah and the mercy on the poor family ..."

* Interesting letter from Rabbi Charlop from 19 Cheshvan 1942, not signed. The letter was written "on behalf of all the worshipers of the large "HaGR"A" study hall in the Shaarei Chessed neighborhood. It requests that Mr. D. Oster from the municipality of Jerusalem use his influence with the municipality to cancel the demand from the study hall administration that they immediately build the second stairs to the study hall. The rabbi explains in the letter that the community cannot possibly build these second stairs due to its difficult economic circumstances. Stencil print on the gaon's official paper, not signed. [These stairs were eventually built, and they are used today as an external entrance to the study hall which is on the second floor of the synagogue in which the Maalot HaTorah yeshivah currently resides.]

* Letter signed by the gaon Rabbi Charlop in which he confirms the receipt of a sum of money for Rabbi Eliezer Cooper.

Various sizes and conditions, overall very fine condition.

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