Winner's Unlimited - No. 107

Eretz Israel and Zionism, Postcards and Photographs, Numismatics, Posters, Maps, Judaica, Holy books, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes - Buyer's commission 22%

May 8, 2018
Opening $ 100
Estimate $ 200 - $ 300

Set of Mishnah Berurah parts 1-6 in three volumes, dedication handwritten and signed by the gaon Rabbi Yaakov Segal of Kopisch on the flyleaf of each of the three volumes, a gift given to his grandson on the occasion of his bar mitzvah.

The gaon Rabbi Yaakov Segal Leibowitz [passed away in 1980], son-in-law of the gaon of Makowa, Rabbi Chaim Yehudah Deutch. Served as Av Beit Din of Kopisch (Hungary). After the Holocaust, he was the head of the Orthodox Beit Din in Budapest, which mainly dealt with releasing Holocaust-survivor agunahs, and as he wrote in the beginning of his work, Shut Mishnat Yaakov: "When I was head of the beit din for agunahs in Hungary from 1945 to the end of 1950, with Heavenly support there were dispensations found for about five thousand, both women and men, without a single pitfall in even one case." In the final decades of his life, he lived in the United States, where he was recognized as one of the greatest adjudicators, member of the Rabbinical Association in the United States (an organization of rabbis connected to Satmar and Hungarian immigrants) and was known as the "Kopischer Rebbe."

Partially torn spine on one of the volumes, overall fine condition.