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January 28, 2020

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Kuntress Tisporet HaZakan, responsa opposing those who reason that it is forbidden to shave even without a razor, by Rabbi Sinai Shiffer of Karlsruhe. Munkacs, 1912. Author's dedication and glosses in Rabbi Ya'akov Gordon of England's handwriting.

The work was published against those who forbade shaving beards in any way whatsoever, and especially against Rabbi Avraham Chaim Danziger (אח"ד) and the Admo"r the Tzemach Tzedek of Lubavitch.

The author, Sinai Shiffer [1853-1923] studied under the author of Ktav Sofer and with Rabbi Azriel Hildesheimer, was a rabbi in Hanover and then rabbi of Kehillat Yere'im in Karlsruhe. He also authored Shu"t Sitri U'Megini.

Author's dedication in Rabbi Ya'akov Gordon of England's handwriting. Handwritten glosses by the recipient, Rabbi Ya'akov Gordon. Some of the glosses are signed.

[1] 32 pp, pink paper jacket cover, 27 cm.

Fine condition. Acidic paper. Beautiful cardboard binding.