Auction No. 098

Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
Opening $4,800
Estimate $5,500 - $6,500
Sold for $5,856
Including buyer's premium

Specifications: Torah Case: Height: 101 cm.; Diameter: 26 cm. Wood covered with green velvet with silver plates with designs of flowers and vegetation, and three chased and embossed silver belts. The top belt is designed like a crown that is decorated with a silver wreath integrated with red beads. Two finials at the top of the case (these are attached: There are another two removable finials). When the case is closed the finials connect into one larger finial, with a row of bells hanging from it. The interior of the finials have a engraved dedication (apparently referring exclusively to the finials): "Dedicated to the holy city, Tiberias." On the case itself there are texts decorated with flowers that are covered with glass. The right side features verses and the second side features a dedication from 1878. The interior of the case is covered with a floral cloth lining. Two clasps. 

Finials: Pair of silver finials. Ball-shaped body, with eight chains with bells hanging from it, and a small ball on the bottom. The base of the finials end on a diagonal so that they sit firmly on the scroll. The top of the finials are shaped like hands (chamsa) with the three letters ש.ד.י. along with the dedication engraved in the center of the large ball "קדש לע"נ המ' חיים דוד בן אהרן תנצב"ה ש' תעו"ר". The finials are 19 cm. tall. 

Torah Scroll: Vellish script (Sephardic) on gevil. The parchment is 51 cm. tall, with 55 lines per column.
It seems that the Torah Scroll was originally from Tunis, and was later placed into a case that stems from Iraq.

Condition of the Torah Scroll: The Scroll is complete. Corrections, light tears in some of the connections between the sheets. The kashrut status of this scroll has not been checked.
Condition of Case: The velvet cloth is rubbed and slightly torn (primarily where the Scroll was held and kissed), light loss to the middle silver belt, the nail for hanging the finial is detached.
Condition of finials: Missing one bell, and two bells are slightly broken.

Overall fine condition.

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