Auction No. 087

Old books, manuscripts, Judaica items, numismatics, coins

February 25, 2015
Opening $ 400
Estimate $ 500 - $ 600
Turei Zahav on Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer. Zolkiew, [1754]. First edition. 5, 5-12 [110] leaves, 33.5 cm. Text of the Shulchan Aruch with the Turei Zahav [Taz]. First edition of this prominent work, which is today printed in all editions of the Shulchan Aruch. Approbation of Rabbi Yechezkel Landau, the "Noda B'Yehuda"; Rabbi Chaim HaKohen Rapaport and others. New, half-leather binding. Light blemishes to the title pages – restored. Aging stains. Fine-very fine condition. Vinograd, Zolkiew 195.