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March 27, 2017
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Novellae and elucidations on Tractate Berachot, in halacha and aggada, by Rabbi Yechezkel HaLevi Landau, Av Beit Din of Prague, author of Shu"t Noda B'Yehuda.

Specifications: [3], 82 leaves. 35 cm. First edition.

Leaf 16 has a signed gloss in the handwriting of Rabbi Refael Natan Neta Rabinowitz, author of Dikdukei Sofrim, regarding text variations.

Background: The author intended to print this work together with his novellae on Tractate Pesachim, however, he became ill and was unable to do so. This book was arranged and printed by his son, Rabbi Yisrael Landau.
The work opens with a short preface regarding the proper approach the Aggadot of Chazal, followed by an introduction regarding the interrelationship between the Oral and Written Torah through Tractate Berachot and the source of the word "Masechet."

Condition: Very fine. Minimal aging stains. Old, simple binding.

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