Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

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The author, Rabbi Yechezkel HaLevi Landau, Av Beit Din of Prague, author of Shu"t Noda BiYehudah, had intended to print this work together with his work on tractate Pesachim. However, as a result of his falling ill, he was unable to carry this out. This book was arranged and brought to print by his son, Rabbi Yisrael Landau. At the beginning of the tractate, there is a short introduction about the proper approach to Chaza"l's aggadot, followed by a "foreword" regarding the composition of the Oral Torah and the Written Torah by way of tractate Berachot, and the source of the word "מסכת" (masechet/tractate).

Owners' signature: Rabbi Mendel Katz Rapoport, son of the rabbi, the Av Beit Din of Papa. Rabbi Mendel Katz Rapoport was the was the son of Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev Wolf Katz Rapoport, who was rabbi of Papa for close to 55 years, until his passing in 1837. He was known for his books Simlat Binyamin, Netivot HaChochmah, Edut L'Yisrael, and more. The book Edut L'Yisrael on tractate Makkot was printed posthumously by his son Rabbi Mendel, who added his own novellae - refer to the Chatam Sofer's approbation for the son. Rabbi Mendel Katz Rapoport was an adjudicator in Papa and rabbi in Tarna (Tarnów). Refer to Otzar HaRabbanim 13295.

Additional rabbinical owner's signatures on the title page and on the reverse side of the title page.

[3] 82 leaves, 34 cm. Fine condition. Minimal worming perforations and aging stains.

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