Winner's Auctions No. 111

Important Historic Documents, Haskalah, Einstein, Seforim, Manuscripts and Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

December 11, 2018
Opening $5,000
Estimate $10,000 - $15,000
Sold for $8,930
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Unique handwritten kabbalistic work which is a completion for Meorei Ohr, called Meorot Natan, by Rabbi Meir Proops, which is a dictionary of kabbalistic concepts of the Ar"i's kabbalah, arranged alphabetically (printed in Frankfurt 1709).

One of the basic works of kabbalah by Rabbi Meir Proops - one of the disciples of the Ar"i [מגורי האר י - lit. "of the lion's cubs"], the Meorot Natan, which contains an index of alphabetically arranged kabbalistic entries. Two kabbalists came after him - Rabbi Natan Nota Manheim and Rabbi Akiva of Vilna, who arranged a work of references and foundations preliminary to Rabbi Meir, and they called their work Yair Nativ. Rabbi Shlomo Av Beit Din of Gading came and added thousands of references from kabblistic books to complete their work. Not only that, he added many sweet explanations to the secrets of the Torah; this is the work before us.

Thick manuscript of kabbalistic entries by the gaon, kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo son of Peretz, Av Beit Din of Gading. His father is Peretz son of Shlomo Frenkel, Av Beit Din of Gading, Marne, a descendant of Rabbeinu Peretz MiBa'alei HaTosafot.

Rabbi Peretz passed away in 1773, and the next year Jews were expelled from Gading by order of the wicked Queen Maria Theresa; and they did not return until 1788 by permission from her son Joseph II. His son, the gaon kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo, also a resident of Gading, who apparently succeeded his father, predicted the expulsion, as told by the Mahara"m Schick's ritual slaughterer. Mrs. Rivkah, wife of Rabbi Yosef Schick - father of the Mahara"m Schick, was a granddaughter of the gaon Rabbi Peretz Frenkel. Many writings remain, from both father and son. A wondrous fact told by the Mahara"m Shick regarding Rabbi Shlomo: One morning, when he woke up, he rushed to awaken everyone in his home, and he told them that it was revealed to him from Heaven that a decree has been decreed on the city, and they must flee to Hungary immediately. After morning prayers, he urged the townspeople to flee, and added: As local rabbi, he would not leave the city until the last Jew has left. But the locals delayed leaving, and rioters entered and killed everyone, with the rabbi at their head.

At the top: (leaf 25a): "References here that are to be added to the book Yair Nativ which was composed on Meorei Ohr." Owner's signature on leaf 1a: "The small one, Shlomo son of the gaon our teacher Rabbi Peretz, zlh"h, Av Beit Din [...?], "Belongs to our father, our teacher, the gaon Mahara"m[she] z"l" and the stamp: Oberrabbiner Moses Schick.

Rabbi Moshe Schick [1807-1879], the Mahara"m Schick, was the primary disciple of the Chatam Sofer, well-known rabbi of Chust and its rosh yeshivah, one of the great adjudicators of Hungary and leader of believing Jewry in Hungary. He wrote novellae on Shas, a series of books of responsa, sermons, and more.

210 leaves, paper. 18x14 cm. Pleasant, orderly Ashkenazic script.

Fine condition. Stains, original leather binding.

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