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January 21, 2019
Opening $ 100
Estimate $ 200 - $ 300
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The Water Carrier and Jews Passing by in Lodz, oil painting by David Djinzerski. Signed.

David Djinzerski [1913-1980] was a native of Lodz, born to a chareidi family. He grew up on Pilsudski Street, one of the main streets in the Jewish quarter of Lodz. [This street is a recurring motif in his paintings.]

When the Nazis invaded Poland, he was drafted into the Polish Army, taken into German captivity and miraculously succeeded in escaping to Russia. After the war, he discovered that his mother had died of hunger in the ghetto, but his father, sisters and brother miraculously remained alive. He immigrated to Israel in 1949. In Djinzerski's paintings, the motif of Jewish life in Lodz before the war is emphasized. He never formally studied painting, which is clearly evident in his paintings, in the naive technique with which he paints. People are distorted, not entirely proportional to the size of the houses. This also comes from the fact that he attempted to paint a child's viewpoint, with the world looming over him. David was particular not to paint from photographs, and said that he painted his paintings from his memory only. His paintings were exposed to the general public only in his later years, in an exhibition which took place at Beit Ariella in Tel Aviv, and in various places in the United States. He passed away in Brooklyn at the age of 67.

Provenance: Estate of the artist's family.

Size: 48x38 cm. Placed in a beautiful wood frame. Very fine condition.