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January 21, 2019
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Yellow fabric patch in the shape of a star of David with "Jude" written in the center, late 1930s or early 1940s.

According the German Reich regulations, beginning in 1938, every Jew in occupied German territory was required to wear a yellow patch. The patch had to be at least 10 cm, shaped in the form of a star of David, and have "Jude" written in the center. According to the instructions, the patch had to be worn over the garment on the left side of the chest, or on the upper right arm. Jews who forgot the patch when they went out into the street, or wore a patch which did not meet the instructions, were officially expected to receive fines or imprisonment. At the entrances to the homes in Warsaw, warnings were posted against forgetting the armband. In an announcement by the Judenrat on July 26, 1941, it was reported that "according to the authorities' warning, Jews who do not wear the yellow patch on their chests and on their backs will be harshly punished - including death by gunfire." The countries where the yellow stars were most commonly used were Germany, France and the Netherlands.

8x10 cm. Fine condition.

אנטישמיות, שואה, ושארית הפליטה