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July 19, 2016
Opening $ 200
Estimate $ 400 - $ 600

Machzor for Yom Kippur according to the Sephardic customs, five sections: Klil Tiferet, Maariv Aravim, Tefillat HaShachar L'Yom HaNora, Avodat Mikdash, and Minchat Erev U'Neilat Shearim. [1797-1821].
Title page and pagination for each section, in two volumes. 14 cm. Comprised of two uncommon editions. 
[1]: Klil Tiferet. Leghorn, [1821]. 50 leaves. As appears in the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book. The evening service following Yom Kippur is bound at the end of section five. [2]: Ma'ariv Aravim for Yom Kippur night. Leghorn, [1821]. [3], 46 leaves.[3]: Tefillat HaShachar L'Yom HaNora. Leghorn [1797]. 105 leaves. [4]: Avodat Mikdash. Mussaf for Yom Kippur. Leghorn, [1797]. 70 leaves.[5]: Minchat Erev V'Neilat Shearim. Leghorn, Saadon press. 1797. 72 leaves.
Leaf 102 of the section Tefillat HaShachar includes the blessing for the kings in honor of King Fernando Torres with Ladino text. The conclusion of the morning and Mussaf prayers are followed by a prayer by Rabbi Chaim ben Attar (Ohr HaChaim).
Complete set of this prominent Yom Kippur machzor in a beautiful print. Uncommon.
Two matching gilt leather bindings. Light blemishes to the spine. Blue cut leaves. Very fine condition. 

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