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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

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Shu"t Zichron Yosef, responsa and novellae by Rabbi Yosef Steinhardt, Av Beit Din of Furth.

In the introduction, the author writes against the Chassidic sect which had begun to spread in those days. The introduction was written in Nissan 1773, in which he quotes from the book Zamir Aritzim V'Charavot Tzurim which was printed in 1772. He writes that those "who make most of their days festivals, who chirp and make noises during their prayers, emit various strange sounds, and change many customs," and he also writes about those who came to reside in our land (Germany) by which he means the brothers Rabbi Shmelke of Nikolsburg and Rabbi Pinchas, author of Hafla'ah, zy"a, disciples of the maggid of Mezeritch, who were appointed rabbis in Ashkenaz.

The Bibliography of the Hebrew Book notes that the Chassidim tore the author's introduction out of most copies.

The author, Rabbi Yosef Steinhardt (1720-1776), was a disciple of the gaon Rabbi Yaakov Katz, author of Shev Yaakov, Av Beit Din of Furth, Germany, considered one of the greatest Torah leaders and adjudicators of his time.

[3], 24, [1], 25-46, 67-119, [2] leaves, approximately 34 cm. Fine condition. Minimal worming perforations and aging stains. Original leather binding, worn.