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Golden coins, Seforim, Chabad, Eretz Yisrael and Zionism, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes, Holocaust and refugees.

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Safra - Zikukin D'Nura U'Viurin D'Asha, commentary on Tanna D'Bei Eliyahu, which is attributed to Eliyahu HaNavi by the gaon Rabbi Shmuel Heida.

The beginnings of the chapters quote the old version which was accepted through the generations. After that, the corrected version, as the author received it from Eliyahu HaNavi, appears, surrounded by the Zikukin D'Nura commentary.

This book was authored according to a "revelation from Eliyahu," as the author writes in his introduction: "... I prayed to the Holy One, Blessed be He, that his give permission to Eliyahu z"l, and his disciple Rabbi Anan, that they be revealed and tell me." And he continues and instructs the method by which one may merit a revelation by Eliyahu: "One who says 'Eliyahu HaNavi' 130 times, with great concentration, every motzaei Shabbat, merits that a holy spark from Eliyahu HaNavi's soul lights up the candle of his soul." The author concludes with a description of the revelation from Eliyahu HaNavi that he experienced: "He appeared to me as a person standing opposite me ... a hairy person with a leather loincloth ... And he threw his holy cloak upon me ..."

This version of the book was accepted across the entire diaspora, and in their approbations, the rabbinic leaders of the generation recited Hallel over the book and its author. Rabbi Moshe Shimon Bachrach, Av Beit Din of Worms (father of the author of Chavat Yair), writes in his approbation "Zikukin D'Nura ... in the sacred ma'aseh merkavah ... we will fulfill his doctrine without exception ... as he saw and surveyed everything with his own eyes." Rabbi Shimon Av Beit Din of Bamberg called him "the G-dly kabbalistic general." Rabbi Shmuel Av Beit Din of Ansbach writes in his approbation: "I said I will be sanctified by those close to Me ... a pious and holy man, full of wisdom in the revealed and hidden (aspects of Torah), awesome secrets are in his work Zikukin D'Nura U'Viurin D'Asha."

Rabbinical leaders from the generations following his also praised him. The gaon Rabbi Chaim Palachi writes: "Happy is the one born of woman who achieved all this." Rabbi Yissachar Dov Ber of Zlotchov wrote: "Who can tell the magnitude of this holy book ... all who study it will merit much goodness hidden within and observe Hash-m's pleasantness and all the desires of his heart for the good." There is a famous story of Rabbi Pinchas of Ginivishov, disciple of the maggid of Kozhitz, who wanted the book Zikukin D'Nura, and a man appeared to him and gave him the work. When he came to the maggid of Kozhitz, the maggid said to him: "Know that Eliyahu, may his memory be for the good, took the trouble himself to bring you the book Tanna D'Bei Eliyahu with the Zikukin commentary."

The author promises in the introduction: "I promise that the hearts of all who read it will be aroused to engage in Torah and mitzvahs for their own sake, and he will make a holy garment for his soul ... so that his soul does not stand unclothed before the King of kings, the Holy One, blessed be He."

[1], 177, 62 leaves. 29 cm. Mispaginated. Moderate-fine condition. Stains. Cropped margins. Title page and last leaves restored. Lack with damage to text on leaves 57-59. Last 3 leaves lacking. New binding.