Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

Opening $ 200
Estimate $ 300 - $ 400

Zohar al HaTorah, especially proofread edition with additions, and with glosses by the Chid"a. Livorno, 1791. First part. The stamp of Rabbi Moshe Yehudah Leib Zilberberg, rabbi of Kutno and author of Zayit Ra'anan, appears on the title page. With the stamp "אב"ד דקוטנא ולע"ע פעה"ק ירושלם ת"ו" ["Av Beit Din of Kutno, and the Eternal City of Jerusalem"] and additional owners' stamps.

This edition of the Zohar was arranged and edited according to the Chid"a during his lifetime, while he lived in Livorno, with many glosses by him. It is a precise edition of the Zohar with supplements. At the beginning of the first part, the Chid"a wrote an introduction in which he also wrote that he added glosses to the book.

Rabbi Moshe Yehudah Leib Zilberberg was among the geonim of Poland. He was born in Luntschitz in 1794, served as rabbi in a number of communities and finally in Kutno. In 1857, he left the rabbinate and ascended to Jerusalem. He was among the great rabbinic leaders of Jerusalem and one of the presidents of the Etz Chaim yeshivah; he passed away in 1865. He was know by the name of his book - as "author of Zayit Ra'anan."

[8], 251, 19 leaves. 22.5 cm. With the supplement leaves at the end. Fine condition. Aging stains. Blue paper. Original binding, worn.

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