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Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 19:00

38 . Haggada shel Pesach. Non-traditional, kibbutz text. [Israel]. [c. 1950?]. Unknown

Passover Haggada, non-traditional text - kibbutz-style. [c. 1950?]. Unknown haggada.

Specifications: [32] pages. Jacket title page, 16x21.5 cm. Printed by stencil. Hebrew and Dutch. The Haggada opens from left to right. Most of the haggada is in Dutch. Paragraphs in Hebrew from the traditional Haggada text, with modifications, along with many Dutch paragraphs. Many illustrations. Original jacket with print on both its sides, stapled. The haggada was printed on paper of various colors.

Unique features: The Haggada opens with the traditional verse "HaChodesh hazeh lachem..." with the inclusion of "Hayom hayitem l'am" [today you became a nation], followed by the traditional "Ha Lachma Anya" with the text "Hashta anachnu geulei Yisrael" [we are now redeemed in Israel]... The Dutch section includes poems by H.N. Bialik and Nathan Alterman. Page [24] features a "Yizkor" in memory of those killed in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, those that fell protecting the borders of Israel, those murdered in ambush, or those who fell in the enemy's prison or in captivity. "The Jewish Nation should remember all those that fell in the battles for its redemption and in their death commanded us to live!" Page [27] mentions kibbutzim.

Condition: Very fine, other than the back jacket which is detached and has two small holes.


$2,000 - $3,000
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