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Home | Auction No. 100 | "Come to Palestine" poster. Zeev Raban for the "Society for the Promotion of Travel in the Holy Land." Prague, 1929.
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23 . "Come to Palestine" poster. Zeev Raban for the "Society for the Promotion of Travel in the Holy Land." Prague, 1929.

"Come to Palestine" poster, promoting tourism in the Holy Land under the British Mandate. By Zeev Raban, Bezalel Jerusalem. Schulz Press, Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Specifications: 99x63.5 cm. Colored lithograph press. Name and location of printer in the plate and artist's signature: Zeev Raban Bezalel Jerusalem.

Unique Features: The poster was printed by lithograph in 1929 in Prague, since there was no press in Palestine at the time able to print a complete page with this technique. Various elements in the poster - including the medallions, the verse letters and the name of the company - were printed originally in gold.

Background: The poster was designed to address the public at large, Jew and Christian alike. It recommends visiting the Holy Land, which is redolent of Oriental culture and biblical roots, a land of ancient scenery mixed with modern vitality. The poster is full of symbolic motifs and depicts scenery seen through an architectural border of a window. The window is shaped like an Islamic pointed arch. Medallions with illustrations of stars of David and the Dome of the Rock are next to the arch. Underneath the arch, on the sides of the window, there are arabesques and pairs of twisted columns. On top of the window is the text: "Society for the promotion of travel in the Holy Land."  An English translation of verses from Song of Songs is underneath the window: "For lo the winter has passed the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on earth and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land." The view through the window is Lake Kinneret, Tiberias and its environs, and a snowy Mt. Hermon on the horizon.

The text: "Come to Palestine." is on the bottom of the poster. Zeev Raban (1890-1970) was a painter, graphic artist, industrial designer, and one of the first teachers at Bezalel. He was the director of the repousse workshop and the principal of the school. He is a patriarch of Eretz-Israeli art.

Source: Private collection.

Condition: Fine. Tears and light stains, primarily in the margins. Framed and matted. Not mounted. 


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