Auction No. 084

Old books, manuscripts, maps, judaika objects and Jewish art

April 1, 2014
Opening $400
Estimate $1,000 - $700
Manuscript. Bill of Sale of the courtyard of "Rabbi Tzadok HaLevi of Mogilev " in the Old City of Jerusalem (Chabad Street) by Rabbi Tzadok's inheritors, to representatives of the Minsk Kollel. Jerusalem, [1881[. [1] paper. 44x38 cm. Rabbi Avraham Elkana Zaks and his wife Da'ba, with Sarah Margoliot and her husband Gamliel Schlank, were the grandchildren of Rabbi Tzadok Halevi of Mogilev who purchased the courtyard in 1831. In 1881, his grandchildren sold a section of this courtyard to the Minsk Kollel. The Minsk Kollel was represented by Meir of Luchin [Ludza] and Rabbi Yaakov (Kreindel) of Minsk. Rabbi Ezriel Zelig Hausdaruf, Rosh Kollel Chabad; and Rabbi Yitzchak Zvi Selinker, of the Hu"D kollel, signed as witnesses. Tears, lightly affecting the text. Original reinforcements to the back of the leaf. Aging stains. All legible. Moderate condition. Very rare bill of sale from the Ottoman period.