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Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 19:00

107 . The Estate Ledgers of the Beit Din in Fez, Written and Signed by the Rabbis of Fez, Early 20th Century

An extremely valuable historical ledger, a remnant of the glory days of the ancient Fez community, home of the great Talmudic decider, Rabbi Yitzchak al-Fasi. Early 20th century.

Specifications: Size of the ledger - 19x30 cm. 200 pages, of which 61 leaves are inscribed.

Unique Features: A special ledger in which the Beit Din recorded the wills drawn up and authorized by them, a list of the estates and the manner of their division among the heirs. All written and signed by the rabbis and dayans of Fez and confirmed in their handwriting, with governmental tax stamps added

Rabbi Vidal Serfaty, Rabbi of Fez, wrote in his handwriting at the beginning of the ledger: "The estate ledger was opened for writing on the third of Av 5680 [July 18, 1920] in Fez, HaTzvi Vidal Serfaty S.T." With his stamp in French.

Among the rabbis who wrote and signed: the above Rabbi Vidal Serfaty, Rabbi Moshe ibn Danan, the Av Beit Din Rabbi Matityahu Sirusi, Rabbi Abba Attiah, Rabbi Yosef HaCohen Skali, Rabbi Yosef ben Naim author of Malchei Rabbanan, Rabbi Shlomo Sasson, Rabbi Shmuel ibn Danan, Rabbi Yaakov ibn Danan, Rabbi Yehuda ibn Atar.

Background: For biographical information on the above Rabbis, refer to Malchei Rabbanan by Rabbi Yosef ben Naim part two, Paris 2010 pages 601-611.

Condition: Fine-very fine. Original scuffed binding.   


$5,000 - $7,000
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