Auction No. 084

Old books, manuscripts, maps, judaika objects and Jewish art

April 1, 2014
Opening $250
Estimate $600 - $400
Manuscript. Targum of the haftarot for the first, second and seventh and eighth days of Passover. Italy, 1847. Originally, the weekly parsha and haftorot were translated into Aramaic to benefit those who did not understand Hebrew. Over the years, most communities stopped reading the targum (other than Yemenite communities). In some communities, these translations were read only on the holidays. This is the 'targum' of the haftarot of the Passover holiday. [8] leaves. 20x15 cm. Punctuated with cantillation. The colophon features a coat of arms with the copier's name: פנחס פאדוה כתב בשנת התרז. Cardboard binding. Aging stains. Very fine condition. Rare.