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Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 19:00

47 . "Meor Einayim." "Yismach Lev." Discovery, first, unknown variant! First Edition. Slavuta, [1798]

Meor Einayim. Chassidut on the order of the weekly Torah readings, by Admor Menachem Nachum Twersky of Chernobyl. Slavuta [at the press of Rabbi Moshe Shapiro]. [1798]. First edition. Unknown title page. Nice, wide-margined copy.

Unique features:

1. Unknown variant title page: This is apparently the first version - the only extant copy - of the title page printed with an error in regards to the author's city: טשנאראביל instead of טשארנאביל. In addition, the title page border is different than those in other bibliographically known copies and the order of the words in the lines of the title page and leaves of approbations are also different than the known copies. This error was apparently discovered before printing and then corrected, since there are no other known copies with this title page.

2. Wide margins. Some of the margins have not been cropped at all and remain in their original format.

3. Segula. Some Admors instructed their chassidim to keep a copy of this work in their tallit and tefillin bags as a segula for protection and success.

Specifications: [2], 160 leaves. Wide margins. 21 cm. Blue paper. Stefansky, Chassidut 308.

Background: A classic chassidic work, authored by the first Admor of the Chernobyl dynasty. He quotes many ideas that he heard from the Baal Shem Tov. Rabbi Menachem Nachum Twersky [1730-1787] was a disciple of the Baal Shem Tov and then the Maggid of Mezeritsch. He founded a chassidic dynasty with many branches.
This work was printed right around the time that he passed away, and in a number of places he is mentioned with the honorific indicating that he was still alive. The book was printed by his disciple, Rabbi Eliyahu. The author authorized him to print the book "in the nice, elegant press established in Slavuta." The book was printed with the goal of disseminating the Torah of chassidut. It includes approbations from chassidic leaders, Rabbi Yaakov Shimshon of Shepetovka, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchov, Rabbi Meshulem Zussa of Anipoli, and more. Includes an introduction describing the author's greatness. 
Chassidic tradition includes lofty words regarding this work. It is related that the work was much larger, but the Admor left instructions before his death that only a small portion should be published - only the words "that the holy Shechina spoke through [his] mouth." Some Admors make sure to learn a section of this work every single day. Tens of editions of this work have been printed, and it is studied in depth by the leaders of chassidut. 

Bound with:

Yismach Lev. Elucidations on the aggadot and medrashim of Chazal by Rabbi Menachem Nachum Twersky of Chernobyl. Slavuta [at the press of Rabbi Moshe Shapiro]. [1798]. First edition. Variant.

Unique features:

1. Unique variant: This book was printed right around the time that the Admor passed away, so most known copies bear the word "Zatza"l." 
Both title pages in this copy, Meor Einayim and Yismach Lev, mention the author with the honorific indicating that he was still alive. It is almost certain that this copy was printed during the author's life (!).

The back of the title page, in the Kavanat HaMikvah B'Ketzara, features changes to the order of words within the lines.

2. Wide margins: Some of the margins were not cropped and remain in their original format.

Specifications: [1] 34 leaves, 21 cm. Wide margins. Blue paper. Stefansky, Chassidut 237.

Background: The book was printed together with Meor Einayim and the last pages feature Likutim L'Sefer Meor Einayim, with the Kavanat HaMikvah B'Ketzara.

The titles of both works were taken from the verse in Proverbs: "Meor Einyaim Yismach Lev" and contain other allusions.
These are two of the earliest chassidic works ever printed.

Condition: Fine-very fine. Supplemental paper has been professionally mounted in the blank margins of the title page and first leaf (Meor Einayim) (not affecting text). Aging stains. Solitary, restored worming holes. The margins of a number of leaves have been lightly restored. Magnificent leather binding.  


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