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Home | Auction No. 100 | Spice tower. Silver, filigree. "Bezalel Jerusalem," 1920s
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 19:00

22 . Spice tower. Silver, filigree. "Bezalel Jerusalem," 1920s

Spice tower. Silver hallmarked 925. Made by "Bezalel Jerusalem." 1920s.

Description: Height: 120 mm. Diameter: 50 mm.
Egg-shaped, stands on a domed base, all with delicate, impressive filigree work. The tower opens at center, like two halves of a ball. Another copper half-ball rests on its bottom section to hold the spices. The upper section features a flag with filigree text: "ציון." The flag is apparently not original.  On its base there is a characteristic "בצלאל" inscription.

Condition: Very fine.


$2,000 - $3,000
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