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Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 19:00

108 . Appointment of "Pakid and Amracal" on behalf of the Safed kollels. Safed, 1872

"We ...and the administrators of the Adat Yeshurun...we appoint him as a Pakid and Amracal to supervise the transactions of the kollels...the loyal trustee...particularly to oversee the funds...for the poor and poverty stricken..."

Specifications: [1] leaf, paper. 13x21 cm. Scribal handwriting and [12] signatures of the Rabbis of Safed, including Rabbi Shmuel Akko, Rabbi Aharon Kersineti, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, Rabbi Shmuel Heller and Rabbi Refael Zilberman. All the signatures - other than one - are legible and identifiable.

Unique features: This is a joint appointment by all Safed kollels, Ashkenazim and Sephardim, bestowed upon Rabbi Meir Rubens, from the committee of Pekidei V'Amraclei Eretz Yisrael in Amsterdam, to represent them in the entire process of collecting and distributing charity funds, to all the city's needy and sages, both Ashkenazic and Sephardic.

Background: Rabbi Meir son of Shlomo Zalman Rubens was the president of the Vaad Pekidi V'Amraclei Eretz Yisrael in Amsterdam. "He was a honorable person...elevated and lofty, the president of the Pekidim V'Amraclim...Amsterdam...he excelled in his good, pure heart for everything holy and he dedicated his heart and soul to everything related to charity. Above all, charity for Eretz Yisrael was stamped in his heart...and his goals were holy and dedicated to those who sat before Hashem in the courts of Zion.....and he with each act of charity he distributed without differentiating between Ashkenazim and Sephardim...when he was old...he still did not rest, and his hands were completely filled with work, the entire day....he spent little time on his personal affairs but turned his heart to the Divine will, to increase and honor Torah and to increase charitable activities. Above all, to increase the honor of the Vaad HaPekidim V'Amraclim for the benefit of Eretz Yisrael..., to which work he never said "enough." (From Misped Yerushalayim, two eulogies upon the death of R' Meir ben R' Shlomo Rubens ztz"l...Jersualem 1909.)

Rabbi Rubens' previous appointment as Pakid and Amracal of the holy cities occurred when his father passed away in 1857. It was published in the Ot Emet, section five, under the title "eight contracts sent by all the the holy city of Jerusalem, Safed, Hebron, Tiberias...Acharai Mot...Shlomo Zalman to three of my dear friends...Meir Rubens, Yonatan Levi Goldmitsan and Yosef Keizer...and these are the names of those who will be called Pekidim V'Amrcalim of the holy city, those who live in the praiseworthy city, Amsterdam."

Condition: Minimal, light aging-stains, Lightly worn in the margins, not affecting text. Very fine condition.


$1,500 - $2,000
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