Auction No. 084

Old books, manuscripts, maps, judaika objects and Jewish art

April 1, 2014
Opening $600
Estimate $1,000 - $800
Manuscript. Commentaries on the purification of a mtzora [one afflicted with tzara’at] and changes to his answer. In the handwriting of Rabbi Eliyahu Gutmacher, Head of the Beit Din of Graditz. [1] page. 17 x 20 cm. Written on both sides of the paper. In this section Rabbi Gutmacher expounds on how the purification of a mtzora helps to atone for the sins the mtzora committed which are the cause of the affliction. He includes in the text musar on avoiding lashon hara, nibul peh, and gossiping in the synagogue. Rabbi Eliyahu Gutmacher (1796-1874) was a rabbi, kabbalist, and expositor of law, among the first to call for agricultural settlement of the land of Israel in the 19th century. A disciple of Rabbi Akiva Eiger, one of the most outstanding rabbinic figures in the past two centuries, his name became renowned throughout the world of Torah as “The Tzadik from Graditz.” So many streamed to his doorstep to ask for his blessing, that he had to publish notices in the newspapers that he could no longer continue with this practice. New, half-leather binding. Very fine condition