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Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 19:00

26 . Illustrated, miniature Scroll of Esther with original silver case. Jerusalem, c. 1920

Miniature Scroll of Esther, illustrated by an artist, with a special silver case. Jerusalem, 1920s.

Scroll Description: [4] sewn strips of parchment. The parchment is 79 mm wide. The strips are about 50 cm. long.
The scroll was written in "Arizal Ktav", with thin script. 24 lines, within a series of 16 circles. The script is 50 mm. wide. Each circle has a border decorated with black and gold geometric designs. Between the circles there are nice artistic illustrations of leaves, flowers, animals, musical instruments, fruits and more. All the pictures are in red, blue, pink and gold on a light-blue background.
Case: The scroll is in an original silver case, apparently without marks, that was made specifically for this scroll, during the same era.
Length: 150 mm. Width: 30 mm. The case is made of ten ribs with beautiful engraving of leaves and flowers that match the scroll illustrations - over the entire interior surface of the case. The bottom section has a cover that turns in order to roll up the scroll. The upper section has a matching cover with a nice fruit border. All silver. The case has a silver clasp with matching handle, which is also decorated in its entirety.

Unique features: This scroll was written and illustrated by a first-class artist. It was possibly made by Bezalel artists in the 1920s. Its matching silver case was also made by an undeniably top-notch craftsman.

Condition: The text and illustrations are rubbed in a number of locations, primarily at the start of the scroll. The case is in very fine condition with traces of gold plating.  


$15,000 - $18,000
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