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Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 19:00

64 . Letter written and signed by Rabbi Shlomo Eiger sent to the "Tzaddik of Greiditz"

Letter from Rabbi Shlomo Eiger sent to Rabbi Eliyahu Guttmacher of Greiditz. Posen. [1842].

Specifications: [1] leaf, 21x17 cm. In his handwriting and with his signature in Hebrew and a foreign language.

Unique features: The letter was sent to Rabbi Eliyahu Greiditz, the famed "Tzaddik of Greiditz," a prominent disciple of Rabbi Akiva Eiger.

Background: Rabbi Shlomo Eiger was born in 1785. His father was Rabbi Akiva Eiger. He lived in Warsaw, but due to the November Uprising of 1831, he became impoverished. He therefore accepted a position as rabbi of Kalish, and from 1840 he succeeded his father as rabbi of Posen. He passed away in 1852. Most sets of the Talmud includes his "Gilyon Mahars"a," and some of his halachic responses were printed. His son Rabbi Yehuda Leib was a disciple of the Admor of Kotzk, and then the first Admor of Lublin.

Condition: Fine. Fold marks, professionally reinforced. Stains. Light tear blemishing the signature. Traces of a red wax seal. 


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