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Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 19:00

55 . Sefer HaTerumah. Halachic Rulings from [Rabbi Baruch son of Yitzchak]. Venice, in the Bomberg Printing Press, 1523

Sefer HaTerumah. Halachic rulings by [Rabbi Baruch son of Yitzchak]. Venice, in the Bomberg printing press, 1523. First edition. 

Specifications: [139] leaves, 24x19 cm. Haberman, HaMadpis Daniel Bombergi V'Reshimat Sifrei Defuso number 81.

Unique Features: There are a number of handwritten glosses indicating different versions and source references in the book. The writer's identity has not been confirmed, but it has been confirmed from the writing that the writing is ancient and from close to the time of printing.

On the book's title page: "Printed after extensive review, this magnificent book which is called Sefer HaTerumah..." contains 254 clauses of the laws of: ritual slaughter, treifot, issur v'heter, challah, niddah, gittin, chalitza, avodah zara, yayin nesech, sefer Torah, Tefillin and Shabbat. The clauses, which are the titles of the laws, appear at the beginning of the book, followed by the rulings themselves.

Within the rulings are laws of the Land of Israel, which begin with the topic of love of the Land: "For the sake of Zion I will not be silent and for the sake of Jerusalem I will not be quiet until her righteousness shines like brilliance and a teacher of justice reaches her...because the Land of Israel is beloved and fortunate is the one who dwells in her... and even more so one who dwells in her and fulfills the commandments which depend on her, has the merit of being close to G-d."  

Background: The author Rabbi Baruch son of Yitzchak of Worms [circa 1140 - 1211] one of the Tosefists, immigrated to Israel at the end of his life. The Sefer HaTerumah is considered to be one of the important books of halachic ruling, and many halachic adjudicators base their rulings on it.

Condition: Fine. Pleasant margins, aging stains, worming holes in the white margins of the first leaves only. On leaf [2] and [7] are tears and pasting with slight damage to text. Semi leather binding, ancient with slight blemishes.  


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