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Home | Winner's Unlimited - No. 103 | A Collection of Photographs - Soldier Teachers in an Activity for New Immigrants
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 17:00

118 . A Collection of Photographs - Soldier Teachers in an Activity for New Immigrants

A collection of 84 photographs of soldier teachers teaching new immigrants to read and write, and soldier teachers on various tours and activities with the immigrants. Israel, 1960's. 

The photographs document the new immigrants [apparently from the USSR and North Africa] while being taught to read and write by female soldier teachers, the immigrants visiting the President's House, group trips of the immigrants guided by the soldiers, a Chanukah party, various study meetings, governmental ceremonies and more. 

On the back of some of the photographs is the photographer's name 'Avner Chanoch', 'Leah Greenberg', and stamps of the developer 'Photo Kaufman', 'Photo Hotman', 'Yechezkel Zonnenstein', 'Photo Davavis' and others. And a stamp of 'The Youth Cultural Center' where some of the activities took place and some of the photographs were taken. 

69 photographs of: 18x15 cm. 

15 photographs of: 10x14 cm. 

Fine-very fine condition. 


$200 - $400
Auction has finished
Including buyers premium

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