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Home | Winner's Unlimited - No. 103 | Three children's books with colored illustrations by Nachum Gutman. 1939.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 17:00

240 . Three children's books with colored illustrations by Nachum Gutman. 1939.

Three children's books by Yitzchak Schwinger with illustrations by Nachum Gutman [signed in the plate]. 1939.

Asher Safarti LiYaldati, published by "Yavneh L'Maan HaYeled," Tel Aviv, 1939. Detached binding.

Kacha Sipru Li - B'Leil Ofel, published by Yavneh, Tel Aviv [1939]. Front cover and spine are partially detached.

Kacha Sipru LiAmnon HaRoeh V'Shulamit HaRoeh, published by "Yavneh L'Maan HaYeled," Tel Aviv, 1939. The front cover and spine are slightly detached. Minimal stains.

Nachum Gutman is one of the most original children's authors...and the most original in integrating the picture into the text so that it is an integral part of the story. This unique point obviously stems from the fact that he was both an artist and author..." [Shlosha Dorot B'Safrut HaYiladim HaIvrit by Gershon Bergson, p. 192].

Colored bindings with illustration by Nachum Gutman on each one. Some of the books have solitary leaves that are torn or tears in a number of leaves, not affecting text. Overall moderate-fine condition. 


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