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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 17:00

382 . Collection of Passover haggadot - deluxe bindings. First half of the 20th century

5 illustrated haggadot with nice bindings, some unknown. First half of the 20th century.

1-2. Two illustrated haggadot edited by H. Meiliz, English and Hebrew. London 1936. London 1939. [Nice binding with gilt embossing of the Temple Mount and a Star of David.]

3. Haggada published by Shapiro Valentine & Co. Australia, 1937. Nice binding with larg gilt embossing of the Churva Synagogue in Jerusalem. 

4. Haggada L'Leil Shimurim, Frankfurt A.M. 1909. Hand -painted woodcut style illustrations. Nice red binding with gilt title and decorations.

5. Seder Haggada L'Leil ShimurimIllustrations, London, 1940. Illustration of a map of Eretz Israel on the jacket with the Israelite's route from Egypt. The title page features an image of Pharaoh the King of Egypt during Joseph's time, according to an early papyrus.

Various sizes and conditions. Overall fine condition.



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