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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 17:00

17 . Pitom V'Ramses - A Humoristic Booklet, Tel Aviv, 1928

An illustrated literary humoristic booklet, Tel Aviv 1928. Without publisher's name. 

A humoristic booklet with jokes connected to the Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel, and the relationship between it and the other populations. "What does the wicked son say - He writes in encyclopedias about Zionism, and here he prevents immigration." "What does the simple son say - Here in the Land of Israel no-one knows his address". "Strange! If there is is a place which accepts Jewish laborers, it is Pitom and Ramses. And if it does not accept - it is...Petach Tikva". "The 'Ademet' [rubella - lit. red] outbreak which is now spreading through the country has also infected the laboring youth, and has turned his blue and white flag red." 

There are also comic excerpts regarding Jewish-Arab relationships, Zionist-ultra orthodox relationships, exile and redemption, unemployment, the prohibition against immigration to Israel, persecution of the Jews in Russia, new agricultural settlements and more. 

16 pages, 31 cm. 

Stains, a few tears in the margins. Fine-moderate condition.  


$100 - $200
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