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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 17:00

19 . Three Important Papers from the Detention Camps in Cyprus

Handwritten letter from a Jew in the camp / Membership card of the M"PAI from the detention camps / Shurot - an internal organ of the camp inmates.

*Letter sent to Israel by a Jew from among the illegal immigrants in Cyprus as a response to a book which was sent to him in the camp by someone he does not know personally, by the name of Asher Mizrachi, who is studying in the Gymnasium in Hertzlia. Among other things arising from the letter, the cultural distress of the camp inmates comes up, due to lack of basic educational books: "Blessed are you for the matter, as here in Cyprus, conditions are not sufficient to learn the language of our people, as I see you are a student of "Gymnasia Hertzlia" so I will request very much that if you have the possibility of fulfilling my request I would be satisfied if you would send me a Hebrew-Yiddish dictionary. Please forgive me for taking upon myself the right to ask of you despite lack of acquaintance, I believe you will understand the situation in which we find ourselves ..." In the margins of the letter, the writer signs his name 'Eli Isser Shentzker' and his address in the camp: Kibbutz "Nachem" HaTechiya B' Kemtz 63, Cyprus. [1] lined paper leaf 21x17 cm. Including the original envelope in which the letter was sent.

*Poalei Agudat Yisrael membership card of a Jew with the name Avraham Segal [originally from Romania] of the detention camps in the Cypriot exile, given to him on April 5th, 1948. Two different stamps of the The Central Council of the Cypriot Exile of the Poaeli Agudat Yisrael Party appear on the card. Personal details of the card's owner are filled in on the two sides of the card in Hebrew and in Yiddish.

*Internal organ of the Cypriot immigrants 'Kvutzat Shlishit Oleh - Shurot' from 31/1/1949, No. 48. Stencil print. The one-page journal functioned essentially as a bulliten. Its headline: "Britain and 10 States Recognize Israel." Temporary results of Israeli elections according to the distribution of the various parties also appear.

Various sizes and conditions, generally fine condition.


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