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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 17:00

5 . HaShekel B'Shnot HaMilchama - Signature of Ben Gurion

HaShekel B'Shnot HaMilchama, published by the management of the Zionist Federation, Jerusalem, 1944. David Ben Gurion's signature on the title-page cover. 

An important booklet which reviews the history of the shekel in the Zionist movement as the publisher writes in the introduction: "In the presence of the representatives of all the bodies which use the shekel in Israel - the various parties and federations - a national conference was held in Tel Aviv on March 2, 1944 for the Shekel, in which the essence and value of the shekel in the Zionist movement was expressed. We hereby present a summary of the speeches delivered at that conference, accompanied by a short introduction and a chart about the development of the shekel during the war years in Israel and in the Diaspora". 

The copy of the first prime minister David Ben Gurion with his handwritten signature on the title-page cover. 

32 pages, 16 cm. Ink stain on one of the leaves. 

Fine condition. 


$300 - $500
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