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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 17:00

16 . The Jewish Brigade - large collection of documents and items

Large collection of dozens of printed and personal items from soldiers who served in the Jewish Brigade.

Includes a photo of a soldier in the Brigade riding on a hourse;  interesting newspaper clippings regarding Jewish soldiers ["German soldiers were amazed to see Jews in uniform," "in the captivity of Germans"]; stencil leaves about soldiers who served in the Brigade describing the battles and captivity; invitation to a convention of former members of the Royal Pioneer Corps A.M.P.C.; transcripts of the "Mifgash Reim" covention; leaves published by the union of redeemed captives during the Second World War; Hapoel HaTzion newsletter, volume 34, Tel Aviv 1961; ephemera from soldiers in the "Igud HaChayalim HaMishuchrarim"; member ledger and kupat cholim card of Yaakov Rivkin and his wife; booklet Hahitnadvut haivrit b'milchemet ha'olam ha'shniya - published by the "Vaad Neichei Milchemet HaOlam HaShniya - mitnadvei hayishuv - Shevet 1943 - and more.

Overall moderate-fine condition.


$300 - $500
Auction has finished
Including buyers premium

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