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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 17:00

23 . A Collection of Newspaper Issues from the Period of the War of Independence - Chareidi and General Media. Israel, 1948

18 issues of newspapers published during 1948 - chareidi and general media, before and after the establishment of the State of Israel. 

* Two issues of the "HaYoman" newspaper - the daily newspaper of the Agudat Yisrael movement in the Land of Israel from May 19, 1948, with the headline: "Mount Zion was captured by Palmach units with a tremendous attack - this victory reduced the pressure on the Jewish Quarter of the Old City". Issue from June 6, 1948 with the headline: "Abdallah wants to end the war, Egypt is stopping it."

* An issue of the newspaper "HaCherut - the daily newspaper of the fighting Jerusalem" from June 4, 1948 with the headline: The Egyptian vanguard is in Ashdod, stranded and attacked. The Egyptians' attempts to break out of the circle were quashed. An armored column was destroyed. 

* 3 issues of the 'Yediot Achronot' newspaper from 1948: an issue from June 20, 1948 with the headline: "The Arabs hope that Bernadotte will propose Jewish dominion in the kingdom on the east of the Jordon River". An issue from September 21, 1948 with the headline: "The opening meeting of the UN General Assembly - a British veto on accepting Israel to the UN" and "The Etzel accepted the ultimatum and disbanded, curfew declared in Katamon - an IDF base was attacked". An issue from September 8, 1948 with the headline: An Anglo-American agreement for accepting Israel and Jordon into the UN - Great Britain will recognize Israel by 1949". 

* An issue of the "Mivrak" newspaper from September 3, 1948 "Fire continues in Jerusalem - shooting and shelling in Ramat Rachel and Ein Kerem".  

* 11 issues of the "Kol Yisrael" newspaper - "The mouthpiece of Chareidi Judaism in the Land of Israel" from 1948, among them: an issue dated January 8, 1948 with the headline: "The Old City of Jerusalem under siege - the bloody events in the Holy Land". An issue from August 26, 1948 with the subtitle: "Is our blood water?". An issue from July 22, 1948 with the headline: "Between truces". An issue from June 24, 1948 with the headline: "The Future of Jerusalem". 

A total of 18 issues. Some of them are missing inner leaves. 

Some of the newspapers have tears and stains, brown leaves. Moderate overall condition. 


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