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Home | Winner's Unlimited - No. 103 | Israeli War of Independence - large document collection
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 17:00

24 . Israeli War of Independence - large document collection

About 120 important documents from the Israeli War of Independence.

Items of note: Pocket calendar for 1948; picture of a person in the "Sheirut Ha'am" with his passport photo; break card dated 48/3/11; document of someone particpating in fortification work in Haifa on 22/5/1948; condolence letter from the Reali School in Haifa from May 28, 1948; receipt for items received from the Jewish Agency on ship that reached Palestine; printed letter from the Jewish Agency in Munich to their representatives asking that they switch in their banknotes because new ones were issued; certificate of appreciation for a fighter who participated in the battle for the liberation of Haifa in 1948; personal letters of a fighter in the 1948 war [not thoroughly checked]; authorization to remain outside of the camp; traffic order in order to obtain soldiers in the Tel Aviv area; report on events amongst Haifa Arabs in January 1948- stencil print; L'Chaverinu - daily informational newsletter dated 15/2/1948 - stencil print; Mihalech HaKrav leaves; membership card in "Mishmar Ha'am" with passport photo; personal material from a fighter in the War of Independence - notebooks from his years of study; picture of his gravestone and more; picture of new immigrants; documents issued by the provisional government and other documents.

The documents are arranged in two looseleafs. Fine condition. 


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