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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 17:00

4 . Six Issues of Newspapers - Establishment of the State - Israel, 1948

Six issues of newspapers from "State Day" announcing the establishment of the State of Israel. 

* Ma'ariv newspaper dated May 14, 1948, with the headline: "The Mandate is Dead! Long Live Our State!". Tear from the top right with damage to two letters in the headline. 

* The 'Aztmaut Yediot Milchemet Tashach' newspaper from May 13, 1948, with the headline: 'Independence will be declared tonight, invasion from Egypt!' and 'The declaration of independence will be read from a scroll'. 

* The evening edition of 'Yediot Achronot' from May 13, 1948 with the headline: 'London: Jaffa Port to the 'Hagana'" and '90 Arabs were killed in Kfar Darom'. 'The Commissioner left the ceasefire negotiations in Jerusalem'.  

* The 'Hayom' newspaper - Jerusalem, from July 2, 1948 with the headline: "Jerusalem's fate is on the scales". 

* The 'Yediot Ma'ariv' newspaper from May 13, 1948 with the headline: "Jaffa signs on surrender. Declaration of the State - tomorrow before the beginning of Shabbat". 

* Di Vach in Eretz Yisrael, Jerusalem. From December 1, 1947, with the headline: "Di Yiddishe Medina - a fact! Der Yishuv yuvlat shteidnik oif der vach!

It is possible that some of the inner pages are missing in some of the newspapers. Some of them have reinforcements with pasted paper. . Stains. Brittle leaves. Moderate overall condition. 


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