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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 17:00

348 . Three Important Books from Jerusalem Presses. Beginning of the 20th Century

Three important books from Jerusalem presses. First editions.

* Booklet of Practical Halacha. Laws of Shemitta fruit grown in violation, whether they are permitted to Jews or not - a group of letters from Rabbi Yaakov David RIDB"Z sent to the scholars of Jerusalem. 1910. RY"D Frumkin Press, First edition. New leather binding.

* Kol MVS"R - Includes substantial opinions of the existence of the distant islands, and all the details of the places of the ten tribes, and the Bnei Moshe who are situated in front of the Sambatyon river and more. Solomon Press. Jerusalem 1923 first edition. Enthusiastic approbations from RAY"H Kook, the mekubal R' Shimon Horowitz and Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Charlap are at the opening of the book. [The National Library has a copied version of this edition]. Restored tear on the title page with damage to text.

Bein HaShemashot - halachic explanations which branch out and connect to twilight by Rabbi Yechiel Michel Tukachinsky, 1929. First edition. Many charts and drawings.

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