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Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 17:30

226 . Sha'arei Yosher, Rabbi Shimon Shkop. First Edition, With Author's Dedication

Sha'arei Yosher. Halachic treatise by Rabbi Shimon Yehudah Shkop. Warsaw, 1928. Two parts. First edition. Includes author's handwritten dedication.

Specifications[3], 2-4 [1] 4-342, [2]: [3], 4-112, 114-306 [2] pages. 30 cm. Two title pages.

Background: First edition of the well-known book by Rabbi Shimon Shkop, rosh yeshiva of Grodno, [1840-1939]. A book known throughout Jewish communities for breaking new ground in Torah learning and in-depth study. The book was arranged in Piotrkow and printed in Warsaw.

Unique Features: Contains the author's handwritten dedication. 

Condition: Very fine, except for reinforced tears in the first four leaves.


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