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Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 17:30

239 . Hafla'ah SheB'Erchin. Stamp of Rabbi Nachum Dovber Friedman of Sadigura

Biur HaAruch, called Hafla'ah SheB'Erchin, by Rabbi Yeshayahu Berlin, section two. Vienna, 1859. Stamp of the Admor Nachum Dovber Friedman of Sadigura.

Specifications: Without the leaves in German or the supplements of Shad"l. The books in the library of the Admor of Sadigura were generally in very fine condition, and certainly not incomplete. Therefore, it seems that the Admor tore out the pages in German and the words of the Shad"l since they were too closely related to haskala.

Unique Features: The title page bears the stamps of Rabbi Nachum Dovber Friedman of Sadigura and the stamp [Hebrew] "Kinyan Kaspi." Rabbi Menachem Nachum Dov of Sadigura [1843-1883] owned a very large library and he stamped the books according to their origins. This book has the stamp "Kinyan Kaspi" which indicates that he himself purchased the book so that he could study it. 

Condition: Very fine, other than a restored tear in the title page, without loss. 


$300 - $400
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