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Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 17:30

304 . Halachic Responsum from Rabbi Shlomo Eiger. Poznan, 1840

Long halachic responsum by Rabbi Shlomo Eiger. Poznan, 1840. 

Specifications: [1] leaf, 33x20 cm, 38 lines in his handwriting and with his handwritten signature. A long and orderly halachic responsum regarding what to do with money left by the deceased, which Rabbi Shlomo Eiger wrote to a questioner from Berlin. The responsum was printed in Shu"t Rabbi Shlomo Eiger, Choshen Mishpat siman 14. 

Rabbi Shlomo Eiger, born in 1785 to his father Rabbi Akiva Eiger, lived in Warsaw but lost all his money due to the Polish revolt of 1830, and therefore accepted the rabbinate of the city of Kalish, and beginning in 1840 succeeded his father as rabbi of Poznan. He passed away in 1852. His comments on the Talmud are printed in many editions of the Talmud as Gilion HaMaharsha, and halachic responsa he wrote were also printed. His son Rabbi Yehuda Leib [Rebbe Leibele] was a student of the Admor of Kotzk, and was later the first Admor of Lublin. 

Condition: Fine. Creases and folds in the top part of the leaf.  


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