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Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 17:30

305 . Handwritten Letter by Rabbi Yechezkel Abramsky, with his Signature. Slutsk, 1927

Long letter from Rabbi Yechezkel Abramsky, with comments and blessings to the author of Me'arechet HaTalmud V'HaPoskim. Slutsk, 1927. 

Specifications: [2] pages, paper. 41 lines in Rabbi Yechezkel Abramsky's handwriting and with his signature. 

Content: Rabbi Yechezkel Abramsky addresses Rabbi Eliyahu Mordechai Valkovsky as "my beloved friend the great rabbi ..." He apologizes that he did not find the time to read the book Me'arechet HaTalmud V'HaPoskim and that it was only on his way from Moscow to Slutsk that he managed to read the book and he saw the advantages to learning the Talmud's conclusions and learning the halachic rulings derived from summarizing the Talmudic topic. He makes several comments on the halachic matters which appear in the book, but is forced to end the letter as he is very busy with the much work he has at the moment, and ends with blessings. 

Rabbi Yechezkel Abramsky (1886-1976) author of Chazon Yechezkel, member of  Agudat Yisrael's Council of Torah Sages and one of the heads of the Slobodka Yeshiva in Bnei Brak. 

Rabbi Eliyahu Mordechai HaLevi Valkovsky (1873-1962) disciple of the heads of the Mussar movement, studied in the Slobodka and Radin yeshivas, and in the Kovno kollel. Wrote several books, including the series Ma'arechet HaTalmud V'HaPoskim in which the words of the Shulchan Aruch are arranged according to the order of the Talmud and displayed alongside of the Talmudic tractates, with a commentary which summarizes the approaches of the earlier and later adjudicators.

Condition: Fine condition, fold marks, minimal stains, tear with lack over the recipient's surname. 


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