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Home | Winner's Unlimited - No. 097 | Collection of [42] silver medallions. The Israeli Coins and Medal Corp.
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017 - 17:00

217 . Collection of [42] silver medallions. The Israeli Coins and Medal Corp.

Inclusive weight of silver: 2.17 kgs.

All the medallions in the collection are silver [hallmarked] 935, excluding two: one of Edmond de Rothschild, patriarch of the settlements, and the other of his son James, builder of Mishkan HaKnesset which are hallmarked 986.

Includes commemorative medallions for Prime Minister Golda Meir; the Balfour Declaration with a bust of Lord Balfour; Bar Kochba; KK"l [1902-1972]; Albert Einstein; Ten years since the Sinai Campaign; Jubilee of the Hebrew University [1975], and more. Most of the medallions were issued in the 1970s. Some doubles.

Here are 38 medallions of standard size - 5 cm. diameter; and 4 larger medallions with a diameter of 6 cm. 

The collection is held in a special, leather album, 33x27 cm.

Very fine condition.


$2,000 - $3,000
Auction has finished

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